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Tokyo, November 15, 2023 — PRIX, the Hong Kong-based streetwear brand founded by Esther Ng in 2018, and PFUSA, the Atlanta-based multi-talented team documenting raw moments in street and music scenes, proudly announce their latest collaboration—a groundbreaking capsule collection that pays homage to Japanese Drift Culture.

Esther Ng and Chris Phan, the visionary founders of PRIX and PFUSA, share a profound passion for cars, fashion, and music. This collaboration, the first since August, is a return to their creative roots and a celebration of their shared influences from automotive gaming and anime, particularly the iconic Initial D series.

The capsule collection delves into the heart of Japanese drift culture, a journey inspired by the founders' love for video games like NFS, Forza, and Gran Turismo, as well as the influential manga and anime, Initial D. This collection captures the essence of the authentic touge tracks and JDM cars that have influenced the founders since their youth.

In an extraordinary turn of events, PRIX and PFUSA have had the distinct honor of collaborating with real figures from the Japanese drift scene. The collection was brought to life at the legendary Ebisu Circuit—a dream location for both founders since their early days. The collaboration also features the remarkable talent of professional female drifter @arisa_mizuhara, alongside drivers: @kota_the_yoda, @e_ought, and H4LO’s @tonnderu himself. At the heart of this cultural convergence is H4LO's creative director, Lukas Abiko, who played a pivotal role in bringing together and organizing the shoot at Ebisu Circuit in Fukushima.

About PRIX

PRIX, founded in 2018 by Esther Ng, is a Hong Kong-based streetwear imprint disrupting the fashion landscape with a focus on automotive, gaming, and tech influences. At its core, PRIX empowers individuals through self-expression, challenging the status quo.


PFUSA, a multi-hyphenate team founded by Chris Phan, documents Atlanta's raw and unseen moments within the street and music scenes. With a history of shaping and creating Atlanta's cultural tapestry, PFUSA bridges the gap between the city's rap scene and the underground street racing world.


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