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About the brand

Established in 2015, tokyovitamin is an international community, brand & independent music label based in Tokyo. The group is comprised of members with multifaceted disciplines, including DJs, VJs, photographers, music producers, and more. Each member has their own career but comes together to co-host parties and events. They have also expanded their presence in the fashion industry, evident in collaborations with graphic artist VERDY.

tokyovitamin began with founders Vick Okada and Kenchan, who engaged in creative activities together and collaborated on projects with friends. They are not formally a crew but rather positioned as a "space for creative minds." The name tokyovitamin originated when Vick, upon returning to Tokyo during high school, wanted to create a collective centered around music. Since he lacked friends with the same interests at the time, he began attending music events and parties to find creative minded peers.

The origins dates back to 2016 when Vick, at the age of 22, participated in many events, both as attendee and organizer. It was during these events that he first met Kenchan. Although they didn't talk much for the first few months after their initial encounter, they crossed paths again at the Trump Room, and the rest is history.


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