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About the designer

AGNES KRUEL is one of the young talents in Tokyo quickly establishing a unique status. Directed and designed by Agnes himself, AGNES KRUEL is a brand based in Japan, with inspirations and references ranging from anime to early philosophy. While still young, Agnes and his brand are on a path that nobody has taken before.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Agnes brings a unique perspective on fashion and style to Japan. With roots tied to music, fashion, movies, and many other subcultures from both the East and West, the young designer is doing things that you simply can't be imitated in the United States or Japan, a style unique to him and his universe.

Agnes's brand can be perceived from many different angles and perspectives: Americana meets Japanese subculture, the West meets Anime, Funny Games meets Evangelion. It's a wild ride through his cultural roots, subtle popular culture references from Eastern and Western media and history, and a significant part of Agnes's aura and energy.


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