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About the designer

Guapular (real name: Noah Adams) is an artist hailing from California's Bay Area with a background in photography and music. When he was 21, he moved to Japan to study the Japanese language and delve into the world of photography. During this journey, he collaborated with renowned Japanese artists like Verdy, Crazy Boy, GENERATIONS, and others, gaining recognition in the realms of fashion, photography, and art. Guapular frequently travels between the United States and Japan, collaborating with various artists who share his unique background. His work is highly regarded and has garnered attention at the intersection of art and fashion.

"Guapular" represents a mindset about wealth, popularity, and self-worth. It rejects the pursuit of fame and popularity in favor of emphasizing personal growth, economic stability, and concrete actions. The desire for fame and popularity is seen as superficial, failing to provide true fulfillment and often leaving an unfillable void that seeks external attention and approval. Instead, Guapular places value on personal growth, economic stability expressed as "my guap straight", and the happiness of loved ones expressed as "my mama happy".


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