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About the designer

"No Mass Prod." is not merely a name, but a solem vow rooted in the designer's philosophy.

Founded by Japanese designer Wataru in 2019, the brand primarily focuses on items made with Okayama denim. Wataru is entirely self-taught in the art of clothing construction, beginning his journey at the age of 23. The dark color palettes of the clothing reflect a sense of sophistication, each piece distinguished by its avant garde silhouette.

"I only make clothes I want to wear. I don't like the system of mass-producing and disposing of clothing every season," the designer says.

Due to the limited production and a steadfast commitment to no reproductions, his pieces are highly sought after due to their rarity and ephemeral nature. The designs emphasize craftsmanship, paying close attention to processing, silhouette, and aging, enabling you to truly experience the essence of Japanese craftsmanship.

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