The Clutch Kickback


Clutch Kick [ kluhch kik ] – verb – Method used while drifting to slide the tail out when entering a corner.
Kickback [ kik-bak ] – noun – Causal but planned get-together with friends to enjoy each other company.

About the brand

The Clutch Kickback emerged from a pressing need for accessible, safe, and legal venues for amateur drifters, particularly those are English-Speaking. Recognizing the gap in the market for a platform where enthusiasts of all levels could practice and refine their skills, a group of friends organized its inaugural event in the summer of 2022 at Fuji Speedway. What began as a modest session quickly transformed into a rallying point for the amateur community, attracting drivers and spectators alike, fostering a culture of learning, sharing, and growth within the motorsport.

Since its inception, The Clutch Kickback has expanded its scope to include grip racing and tuning within the JDM scene, growing from small gatherings to large-scale festivals that celebrate the spirit of motorsport. With events now in Los Angeles and plans to expand to London, The Clutch Kickback aims to establish a global footprint, connecting diverse automotive communities while staying true to the local cultures that define each scene. With the goal of creating a worldwide network of motorsport enthusiasts, offering platforms for practice, competition, and community-building across the globe.


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